5 Jinetes Ink

5 Jinetes Ink tattoo ink palette made up of 31 colors

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5 Jinetes Tattoo

5 Jinetes tattoo ink are developed in authorized laboratories, with high quality raw materials.
Designed exclusively for each artist accompanying them in their artistic pieces, giving them the security of working with high quality inks.

  • obtaining a splendid final result with durable colors 💯

  • Easy to apply. 👍

  • Solid and bright  🔥

  • Vegan 🌱


First of all… Our tattoo inks are vegan, therefore it is of vegetable origin and also free of animal cruelty.

For this reason it is used by thousands of tattoo artists around the world, resulting in splendid works thanks to our full, solid, bright, also liquid, easy to apply colors, therefore the pieces made provide an excellent curing.

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